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Funball was last night and was a lot of fun. I took the chance to dress up a bit (because I clearly haven't had enough of that this weekend with LTG Friday, Funball yesterday, and Mad Feast tonight). The organizing and directing people in setup and takedown went surprisingly well, with many frosh helping out. (This is, of course, a step in my plans of Making Someone Else Do It Next Time.)

And the party was good, this time. The music was dancy without rehashing too much of last year's playlist (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] mackenzie!), the frosh were froshy, the cotton candy was tasty, and even with the organizing, it was less stressful and more fun than the last one. Missed a lot of last year's seniors, though. I also got to watch [livejournal.com profile] memnus dance, which I always enjoy. (Also discovered that I really should take some sort of formal dance class, on the theory that practicing not crashing into someone will help with that.) A bunch of Northies swiped the rose back--expected but mildly obnoxious to happen in the middle of everything.

I'm not ready for the semester to be over. Synthesis for o-chem, 8-10 page paper for religious studies, final project for Middle English (mostly recording bits of Chaucer), Abstract final (not so stressed since it's pass-fail, though I'm not liking rings so much), bio final (whee, almost done with core), and p-chem (I think one assignment plus final, which I'm almost looking forward to since I'm twisted that way). Oof. And less than two weeks.

I think laundry magnets may happen over break. I also may head to see various Colorado folk over break. And I also got selected for jury duty over break.

Have been going to a collection of churches with Matthew and Sarah and may have found a comfortable one--actually, the one across the street from Dan's old apartment. It's in walking distance, too.

Things going generally ok.

Created [livejournal.com profile] muabiowridimo05, on the same theory as [livejournal.com profile] muabiowridimo but which would theoretically gather a different set of people who know each other. I'm not sure how much time for writing/introspection I'll have in the next few weeks, so it may actually happen more over break, but I liked the idea when I saw it the first time and I'd like to give something like that a go. It's too easy to ignore time for thought around here.

Now, to actually work.
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