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I am currently in San Diego (living in North Park, working in La Jolla not far from UCSD), working for Johnson & Johnson as a research assistant and doing medicinal chemistry. The job is fun so far--I'm on a methodology side project while I learn my way around the lab (which will probably lead to a paper, whee). Then I will start making a whole bunch of compounds for biologists to test. I like my coworkers and I'm not the only new person; we got another PhD this week. I've committed to stay for at least two years. If it is still going well I will start thinking about the good-job-where-I-don't-want-to-live balance. At that point I may also have some clue about where I want to be long-term.

I have a nice 1-bedroom apartment, not enough furniture, and two cats! They are rescue cats, are about 3 months old, and are adorable. They currently need names. Up for consideration are:
  • Strange and Charm (the one that woke me up at 7 by batting at my head and gnawing on my ear would be Strange)
  • Funball and Pixie
  • Some combination of Greek gods (The extended family's naming scheme; I've been working through Bullfinch's for fun recently)
  • Something Arthurian that doesn't imply too much doom [or does; Lancelot and Mordred, anyone?]
  • Hobbes (for the orange tabby) [and Schrodinger]

I will need to get a car soon, since the insurance for me will run out on my mother's. I'm thinking of a Fit. It's not that much more expensive than used cars I'd be thinking of getting (5-year old Camry or Civic, probably), gets great gas mileage, and is like a (very) mini-station wagon in feel.

Brian was here a week or two ago, and I'll be visiting him in a week or three. Maybe long distance gets more fun when there's less time left to do it?

If anyone wants contact info, feel free to email me (quartzpebble at gmail). My phone is still my cell.

Happy Fourth to everyone. Here's hoping the country can turn itself around. (Damn Bush. How the fuck does he think that he can get away with all this? How has he?)
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