Jan. 20th, 2007

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A lot has happened in the last, oh, month or so, and I don't feel like writing in any depth at the moment.

I went home for Christmas, which was weird for various reasons. I went to Utah for a week or so at the end of break and did very little (though I met new people and was (briefly) part of the wackiest game of Illuminati I've seen) but said more than I'd quite expected. I got to see about the right amount of snow. I came back, was at the proctor retreat, and found that I'm more than ready to graduate. On Thursday I had an on-site interview with Johnson and Johnson (La Jolla) and liked what I saw there. People seem happy and enthusiastic, and I could definitely do worse than spend a few years there. I also applied for a few positions at Amgen, which would be in Cambridge (MA) or SF (CA), and a few others who haven't gotten back to me at all. Now I get to re-group and figure out what work I've neglected in the last few days. I went down to the church today to chat with our new priest. She's somewhat older than my mother, I think, and I enjoyed talking with her. She's interested in the intersection of science and theology, which is also neat.

In general, it feels like things are changing a good deal right now, and like it's the right time for them. I'm thinking about settling down, and it's not utterly terrifying. I'm thinking about starting my own household, and looking forward to it. I'm actively trying to join the Working World (TM) and I don't feel like an impostor in my Interview Suit (TM). I'm thinking about leaving Mudd, and I'm so ready to be gone. Not to leave the people, necessarily, but to leave the school itself. The thought that this is the last time I'll be doing everything this semester is more comforting than frightening.

Through all of this, my hair has been varying degrees of short and fuzzy (I got clippers for Christmas!). It's shorter than it's ever been right now, and will probably get even shorter (probably nonexistent) once all of my classes have met. Pictures are coming... well, when I get not-lazy. Or decide to procrastinate by figuring out how to upload stuff to Odin, which is more likely.


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