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O thou who causest the unending rise and fall of the readings from the pH electrodes: Look favorably upon thy instruments and allow them to reach that state of graceful balance in which they may finally find rest. Let them, being obedient and knowing all they are asked, also delight in their ability to shine light into the darkness of my ignorance of the mysteries they well know.

Speak thou also to the guardian of the ever-declining balance. Let it find the one true way, the way that brings true knowledge freely shared, rather than churlishly hoarded and guarded with misinformation.

Bring us all thereby to the information that I must know. Frown not upon my quest, but guide me in my search.


May. 19th, 2005 12:31 pm
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Ithaca )

At the end of the IChO they gave us a copy of this. It's stayed on my wall for the last two years.
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Thank you for everything you all have given me. All of you--both close friends and acquaintances--have helped make the last two years here what they have been (and have often been the better part of that). To many of you I can only say thank you for the small things--the late-night lounge conversations, the answers to math or physics questions, the occasional total randomness--and that I would like to have known you better. Two years (one, really) is not nearly long enough. All the same, it's been good. Thank you.

Congratulations to the graduates and best wishes to everyone as you all move on, wherever you're going. I'll miss you, and I'd rather not forget you or otherwise lose you.

I'm not great at keeping in touch but I'm available on email and AIM and will also try to use this journal more.

Good luck to all.
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Done. So done. Now I can go have fun. :)


Apr. 12th, 2005 07:46 pm
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I have a desk. More impressively, I have a floor. I wouldn't call my room clean, exactly, but it's much more liveable than before.

I'm silly. Is it the weekend yet?

It's been incredibly nice out the last few nights. We should de-lounge the lounge when it gets a bit warmer.

Sadly, there's far too much to get done this week. Should go do that.
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Tickle fights are better than a punching bag for the de-angsting. Because you get to scream, too.

Flaying Peeps is helpful, too. And tasty. And gives you that beautiful sugar rush.

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Northrop called. They want to talk with me about a summer position. Pity they didn't bring this up before spring break--if it sounds at all interesting, I'll probably let them know that I'm taken through July and that they might keep me in mind for later. Or something. Silly people, not knowing my schedule exactly. :)
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I guess I hadn't been checking my mail thoroughly enough, because today there was a letter way in the back offering me a position with Prof. Daub working on developing new frosh chem labs. Not exactly what I would have rather done, but it sounds generally interesting, it's chem *here*, and it's a *job* here, and probably a fun one. Other people had been getting offers back earlier so I'd assumed I wasn't in, but I am and it's good! Now I need to look at housing more carefully. Wow. So I'll be working from May 23 till July 29 there and will probably be here all summer, since there's no point going somewhere else for almost a month when fun people will be here.
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This came up in the lounge today. Her warning:

Warning: TMI to follow in the form of a long, not-very-serious rant about feminine hygeine products, dead Confederates, and secret-decoder rings. Menfolk are advised to read at their own risk. Some guys can't take this kind of humor. You have been warned.

Not that the warning's necessarily needed, but in case anyone cares... *shrug*
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Well, this has been the least productive weekend I've had this semester. Joy. Guh. Don't want to do anything much. Should have gone back to sleep, then I'd at least be ahead on that.

Spring break? Please?
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Dear analysis:

I like you. I enjoy learning what you have to teach me and building a beautiful and practical system from not-quite-scratch. I would love to have a month or two to focus on you and nothing else and learn to understand you.

Unfortunately, I do not. Please stop assuming that I do.

Most respectfully,

I want to do the required things for the class. I want to write this paper, but haven't even started researching it because it feels like it's all I can do to get the urgent stuff done. I want to give the homework the thought (and re-thought) that it deserves. That, I do more of, but I know not enough.

I'm exhausted. I need time to rest and sleep. I don't know when I will. And I know that at least some of this is my difficulty in managing time, but I don't know how much or just what to do better. Also, financial aid forms are upon me and I need to get my parents to pay at least as much attention to deadlines as I do. Not necessarily easy.


Feb. 22nd, 2005 12:51 pm
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LJ ate my lj layout. Different colors, different layout, what's going on?

DDR update

Feb. 2nd, 2005 12:49 pm
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Passed 3 7-foot songs on heavy. In a row. I think C or better on each. When did that happen?

And now, analysis.
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The sky fell today. It surprised me; I was walking to class and suddenly noticed bits of sky resting on my shoulders. No ice shards came down from the heavens' fall in Claremont, though, just bits of slightly used sky that wasn't quite blue and smelled faintly of chemicals. No stars found me, even if I might have brushed off a strand of cloud. Whatever replaced it didn't look much different--I couldn't see stars when the sun set, but maybe they fell on someone else. Or maybe they're hiding, too faint for my faulty eyes to see. It's not so different without a sky.

I saw someone climbing a tree too weak to support her. I don't know why, as she was neither small nor wiry nor particularly agile. She didn't seem to realize this or that the tree was slowly shrinking as she climbed, being pressed back into the earth. She remained oblivious to everything but her motion; she slowly went from branch to branch and kept her movement so planned and balanced that she never fell until the tree was pressed down to its roots and she was on solid earth. Then she pressed her hands against the ground and cried.

A woman of water danced in the fountain, more wildly than I ever could. Her hair must have clothed her and her music drifted too far up without the sky to contain it. It would not have been lost had it been trapped.

Carbon Dog is dancing around my desk, another strange mix of chemicals that by all rights should never exist. He smells like sky. It would be so easy to take those bonds apart but I don't think I will.

Seen today on a remarkably poorly erased chalkboard:

I have erased the board Because I'm considerate
I have eaten
the plums
that were in the icebox
and which you were probably saving
for breakfast

forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
so cold

Rabbit Hole Day.
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I now have LaTeX on my computer. I need to learn to use it, but it makes me happy. It took about half of forever to install, though.

I wrote close to half a page on the potential influence of Stems on my future understanding of spectroscopy. I'm impressed?

And now off to bed.

Edit: Has anyone encountered "Mathematicians do it in LaTeX" in any of those "X do it in Y" lists? It occurred to me sometime last year. I can't believe that someone else wouldn't have had a similar train of thought.
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People are silly, especially when it comes to breasts. A conviction of misdemeanor indecent exposure (which can be from going topless) can require women to register as sex offenders in the Meagan's Law database.

From the article:

Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children and Families, called it a "loopy idea" at a time when California needs to strengthen laws against public nudity.

"We already have too many sexual assaults in society. This will fuel that fire, and if the women don't understand, that's because they don't think like a man," Thomasson said.

*wonders how breasts can assault people* *rereads a few times* Oh. So, if a woman shows her breasts she's asking for it. Gee, I wonder how public breastfeeding ties into that.


Jan. 18th, 2005 09:09 am
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1. Whoever decided to use the muscles in my back and legs for macrame should really stop.

2. Last night was a spectacularly bad one to not be able to sleep until 4.

3. I have stems in 20 minutes. At least I don't have to walk down to Pomona until after lunch. Though I should see about getting my bike back before Greek starts--anyone actually know how to pick those circular locks? Through a combination of circumstances, the key has been lost.


Jan. 9th, 2005 04:21 am
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I just finished The Name of the Rose. Now I'm very tired, somewhat hungry, and don't exactly feel like sleeping. Odd ending.

Dress plans

Jan. 8th, 2005 07:40 pm
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Fabric store trip today, a successful one. I got fabric to make a variation on this pattern: the long skirt from view B (on the right) with the front and back V-neck from view C (center). Eventually I plan to make a shorter version of B in some fun summer fabric. The fabric I got is a silk broadcloth, fairly lightweight and somewhere between a warm grey and a taupe, with an ivory lining that makes it look warmer and less boring. I also got sheer purple-grey ribbon that I can use as accent on the neck and in the bodice seams (sewing it into the seams and letting the edge poke out).

I also got a half-yard of a beautiful ivory silk from the remnant bin. While I have my own nefarious plans for some of it, it also happens to match the lining and go with the dress, so half of it may be made into a scarf and lined with dress scraps, since it's not two-sided.

Beats me when I'll get the chance to work on this. If I can borrow the sewing machine, maybe I can work on it during break; if not, maybe cut it out now and start the sewing when I visit my aunt over Spring Break? That does, of course, require me knowing what I want to do...

Oh... and the dress and notions came to about $45. Makes me very, very happy. As does the curry and Garlic!Naan for supper.
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E&M scary. Last night I dreamed about my mom's wedding (to my stepdad) and about E&M. At the same time. The subjects being somehow related.

Being able to do flux integrals in my sleep doesn't mean that I should.
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