Jan. 7th, 2006

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Today was long. The message was vague on whether I had to report for jury duty, so I showed up at 8 AM anyway (not like I was doing anything else). Nothing happened--after a few hours working on a puzzle they had, they announced that the only trial scheduled for that day was canceled, and we all went home.

I discovered that hair dye a) does work to dye sheepskin, if you want to dye it some hair-color and b) takes forever to work through the fleece and takes forever to rinse out. Eesh. Edit: And ends up smelling sort of funny.

Napped for the afternoon, then went contra dancing. I'd forgotten how much fun it is; good music, good people, a lot of energy. It's also nice that unbalanced gender ratios don't really matter in it. I may take a carful of people a few times next semester. I met a grad student at UCLA who seemed very nice, and a Pomona professor (who dances very well apparently teaches Russian lit, of all things). The drive home was interesting in that special "I'm exhausted" way. My legs will probably complain tomorrow. I'm also hungry but have no energy to go make food.

I haven't gotten much done that I was supposed to be doing, but I have gotten quite a lot done on a project or so that I wanted to work on. Eh. I suppose I can take most (half-ish, I guess) of the weekend for cleaning house and seeing about making the room I currently inhabit moderately livable.

There's a huge quarter-moon in the west. Pretty.


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