Jun. 28th, 2006

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On Monday I returned from a visit home for my brother's graduation. That was all right--a high school graduation, done quite prettily despite lacking much substance. It was somewhat strange answering teachers' "So, what do you plan to do when you graduate?" with "I don't know."

The best part of the visit was all the people I got to see: family, a variety of friends, and Brian, who was fortunately in Long Beach for an archery tournament. Food, cuddling, and conversations were had, and it was good.

Travel woes )

Currently, I'm still enjoying the kitchen--made delicious french toast for supper tonight after making split pea soup last night.

In general, I'm doing all right. From my utter relief to have gone back and seen friends, I suspect I'm not quite social enough for my own sanity (it's hard with new people). The universe seems to be conspiring to keep me from getting out contra dancing, since the dance this weekend also overlaps with WVW. (Not that I'm complaining too much about that one, mind.) Instigating social stuff, like perhaps starting a showing of Firefly, also might help.

Research is all right. Soon I'll have a midsummer report to write (sadly, probably should start that one during WVW... part of taking the Monday off). I'm getting started on another project which may involve Shiny Instruments rather shortly, if I can show that I'm actually making a Reactive Species (TM). My advisor reminds me of my old journalism teacher, in some ways. He can be very intimidating (especially in group meetings) but I think is deliberately trying to be encouraging with me.

It's odd to be going off again already. I'm very much looking forward to WVW and the various people there, though.

Speaking of traveling, my end-of-summer plans are currently in flux. Not in Fluxx, though that would be neat too. (Rocket to the moon!) This may, unfortunately, involve dealing with customer service.

Since I'm back reading this summer, any book recommendations would be welcome. Fiction will probably get read more quickly; interesting nonfiction will probably be read somewhat more slowly. The library here is wonderful. The introduction we got to the chemistry resources, and the way that they're so well organized, makes me wish that the Mudd chem department did that. Would have made a number of things easier.

Off to the library now.


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